The Brute


When sixteen-year-old Fortney Curtis reluctantly agrees to go on one last Boy Scout campout, he has no idea of the challenges he'll face--from nature and from within himself. His temper is flaring, and his patience is short, but none of it matters when the tornado strikes.


"Were I a sixteen-year-old or younger, Mike Klaassen’s The Brute would be a great way to spend a couple of glued-to-the-pages hours!  Constant action and compelling interactions with people while confronting both internal (a teenager learning to control his anger) and external conflicts (saving lives in the wake of a tornado); will keep the reader wondering how Fort will solve the major problems the storm, both the one inside and the one without.  Fort’s coming-of-age story is a must read for those who are trying to control an anger that has grown to dangerous proportions."

 — Donna Rothgeb, Retired Teacher


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