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Young-Adult Fiction

Scenes & Sequels

A scene is a passage of fiction in which a character attempts to achieve a goal.

A sequel is a passage of fiction in which a character reacts reflectively to a scene. 

Elements of Fiction

The five fundamental elements of fiction are plot, character, setting, theme, and style, where: 

  • Plot is the what or what happens
  • Character is the who
  • Setting is the where and when
  • Theme is the why, and
  • Style is the how

Fiction- Writing Modes

A mode is a particular manner of doing or expressing something. Eleven different modes comprise all of written fiction. The eleven fiction-writing modes are action, summarization, conversation (dialogue), narration, description, exposition, transition, sensation, emotion, introspection, and recollection.

Point of View

Structural Units

The format for constructing fiction from words to complete novels includes a system of structural units: words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, passages, segments, scenes, sequels, fragments, sections, chapters, books, and parts.